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Backlinks to my website: How do I find backlinks



I am writing this blog because there were queries asking how can I find backlinks to my website.

Backlinks to my website

We all are curious to know what are the pages or domains linking to our website or to some page on website. There are some free tools advertising that they do this but i don’t recommend all of them. Google webmaster is the best free tool to do this. There are many other cool features Google webmaster provides, ‘Links to your site’ is one of the features.

You just need a google account to login to webmaster tool.

backlinks to my website

This is how you see your website links being linked from other websites. You can find those websites by clicking on these links.

So to get started with this, you first need to add your website to google by following steps below.

Adding website to google

1. Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters
2. Login to google webmaster by using your google account.
3. Click on “Add property” button to add your website to google.
backlinks to my website
4. Enter your websites URL in the box and submit the form.
5. After adding your website google will ask you to verify the ownership of your website, just follow the instructions to verify your websites ownership and you are good to go. Read more

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