How to earn affiliate commission from your blog or website


If you are willing to make your blog make some money then you are at the right place where you will learn how you can earn affiliate commission through your blog.

First, you need to have a blog hosted on some good web hosting server like iPage. I recommend WordPress for your blog as there are plenty of freely available plugins which will help you make your blog SEO friendly and have your genuine content ranked top in search engine results.

Write your blogs as simple as possible, have some images in it.

1. Affiliate

You can become an affiliate of one, or of many companies in various domains out there. e.g ipage.

Register with ipage as affiliate at

After registration you will get an affiliate code from them, which you will have to put in your blog.

When your readers click on those ads on your blog and purchase hosting on iPage, you get commission of $105 USD


Your commission gets credited into your bank account which you provide at the time of creating your affiliate account.

2. Google Adsense

You can also make money from google adsense where you get few cents for a click. User need not have to buy or avail some services by clicking on ads displayed on your site. It’s a PPC program (Pay per click).

It’s not very easy to get your blog approved from google for an adsense account. They have many criteria evaluating your blog to be eligible for the adsense account, including how old your blog is. Generally it should be at least 6 months old with good SEO, genuine content and faster than others before you will start earning.

You get a code snippet from google once you have your google adsense account approved from google. You just have to place that code snippet on your website and google will serve ads on your page. You can see reports of ads impressions and clicks at

3. Donations

You can also have a paypal donate button.

People do donate if your blog really helps them out.

I am writing this technical blog and thought I should include this piece of information for you guys, this blog is in wordpress and has good SEO.

I can help you out with SEO for your blog and do all these things for your blogs, including getting visitors and making some dollars. Please feel free to contact me on wable.sachin[@]

Get started now if you are serious about your blog by purchasing your hosting plan on iPage and clicking the iPage banner you see on this site.

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