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My name is Sachin Wable. I am a Software Engineer from India, Pune. Born in May 1985. I graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and then post graduated in Scientific Computing from University of Pune.

I started my career in web development in Jan 2008.

As a Drupal developer, I am always looking for Drupal tutorials, code examples , latest technology news and everything else about Drupal and web programming.

I started writing this blog Learn-Drupal.in about Drupal but then I thought of posting other non Drupal stuff under miscellaneous category.

In addition to Drupal this blog will be having posts about PHP/Mysql, Search engine optimization, Server configurations, Google analytics, Google webmaster, Google adwards, Google adsense and affiliate marketing.

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Kindly leave your comments/Queries/Suggestions.

Thank You,
Sachin Wable

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Sachin Wable

Sachin Wable is a technical blogger. He is blogging since 2010 & writes about Blogging, affiliate marketing & technical stuff. His blog learn-drupal.in receives 22,500 page views and visits from 1934 cities from 135 countries per year. (As per last years google analytics report.)
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