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How to create custom Blocks in Drupal


Generally custom block concept is used to set up block through module, once the module is uninstalled block gets disappeared.

This helps to make secure block content, also we can load dynamic content in block as per the requirement. The most important use of this block is that it can be placed in any site (module directory) and after enabling the module the block gets automatically created and rendered in block list (admin/build/block). Read more


How to change drupal block theme


Are you looking to change Drupal Block theme? Dont worry. Here is the way you can do that.

You need one module and that is Block Theme. Download and install this module. No need to set any user permissions for this module.

After installation go to configure it at this URL /admin/settings/blocktheme

In Custom block template textbox enter following and save configuration.

myblock|Some name Read more